A Conservative Resurgence

By Eileen Griffin

Conservatives are discouraged. Conservatives are frustrated. At this moment in time, conservatives feel overwhelmed by the culture that has engulfed all aspects of American life. The traditional family is under attack. The education system has become an indoctrination system. Employees can lose a job for simply using a word that has been part of the English language for centuries. It is not surprising that many people have come to is to hunker down and avoid reality.

Despite the discouragement, conservatives need to rally themselves for every opportunity for expression. Refusing to vote perpetuates the cycle. As fewer conservatives run for office, the choices are dismal. In Washington state, it has been called a choice between “liberal” and “more liberal” this election cycle. Most people believe there is no hope when a selection between two unfavorable choices can only represent a decision for the least bad outcome. It is indeed depressing.

Few people have the courage and temerity to withstand a progressive woke attack so fewer conservatives than ever make the decision to run for office. Part of the problem with running for office is most conservatives do so in a vacuum. They do not have the machine at their disposal like so many on the left have. This needs to change. If Republicans could develop the type of strategy, operation, and teamwork that the Democrats have, we could find good quality candidates and resounding reasons to vote.

When good quality candidates are recruited, they should be availed the full support of the party and the conservative voting population. This means down to every single American individual able to vote. It is not just party leadership who owns this responsibility. Every American should cherish and value the right to vote. We should consider it a great gift and part of the package of freedom and liberty we have been granted. A vote is a right, and a responsibility that each one should consider solemnly.

With support and numbers, conservatives would not feel abandoned when the inevitable personal attacks and vitriol arrives from the left. Remember, Justice Kavanaugh survived one of the most hostile, vicious personal attacks in American history but today he is JUSTICE Kavanaugh with a lifetime position. We can be grateful he persevered.

While no one running for a local or state office secures a lifetime position, they can have lasting impact affecting whatever constituency they serve. Seeking elected office and fulfilling campaign commitments is a worthwhile mission. It is one that more should consider and likely will consider if the community of conservatives stands up for their values and positions and everyone on the conservative side supports those who would stand up and speak out during the difficult times we face.