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6 Politicians Who Shot Themselves Dead

Suicide is a tragedy and a crime! It stems from deep feelings of desperation, depression, and hopelessness. In fact, it’s the leading cause of death in the United States. 

Especially if you are a politician or belong to a political party, you have lots of justifications to choose that step. We know that stress is unexplainable. You die every day when you become a part of dirty political practices, smear campaigns, or scandals. But it’s not a solution.

And unfortunately, we can do the least to stop this.

But the real question is, do conservative governments or political campaigns make people die? Are these campaigns toxic enough to exhaust someone and compel them to take extreme steps?

According to 40% of Americans, politics is stressful. They don’t find a way out to solve problems and hence become a part of any conspiracy. As a result, they feel pressured to take the extreme step. Sadly!

Today, we are going to share similar stories of 6 politicians who shot themselves dead after becoming a part of these political conspiracies. Let’s check out in detail.

R. Budd Dwyer- He Killed Himself on Live TV

Yes, that’s true. There is so much chilling about the story of Budd Dwyer whose suicide was filmed on live television.

He was the former State Treasurer of Pennsylvania who was facing a very critical scandal. When things went out of his hand and he couldn’t find a way to deal with it, he shocked the nation by shooting himself on live television during a press conference. 

But do you know what’s the most terrible part? He was innocent.

He was an active politician before the scandal and served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He was married and had two children, everything seemed normal in his life before the tragedy came out.

Jack Z. Anderson- Died from a Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Jack Z. Anderson was a former Representative who did seven terms in Congress and worked hard for the development of the nation. He died at his home in Hollister, Calif when he was 76 years old.

According to San Benito County sheriff’s deputies, Mr. Anderson shot himself to death around 9:30 A.M. 

He didn’t leave any note for the family, who was all there at home at the time of the gunshot. According to police, there was no motive behind this sudden suicide. Jack retired undefeated and he preferred to not opt for eight terms so apparently there was no reason. Reports say his former wife also shot herself dead in their home in May 1965.

Benjamin Franklin Arnold- Depressed by the Defeat!

Very few people know that Benjamin Franklin Arnold was not his real name. he was born Michael Edwards and then later he changed his name to Benjamin and legalized it by the court.

He was the supervisor of the town of Unadilla and served as a chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Otsego County in 1881. In 1890, he ran for a congress but was defeated by John S. Pindar. During this election campaign, newspapers revealed his secret of changing his name due to dishonest and degrading reasons. He was extremely depressed by this slander and later shot himself in his office where police found a pistol as a murder weapon.

Paul C. Barth- Depressed Over the Ridicule, Shot Himself in His Office Lavatory

Paul C. Barth was a son of a simple cabinetmaker who died when Paul was so young and 11 years old. After that, he took all the responsibilities of his family. And then after a few years, he entered politics and became the mayor of Louisville. 

Soon he purchased a luxurious Saddle horse with city funds and asked people that he needs transportation for fulfilling his duties as mayor. After some time, when he was removed from the office, Robert Worth Bingham inquired about the official purchases and questioned the legality of the horse.

When Barth couldn’t prove anything, he had to pay for the horse. He became extremely upset due to this growing ridicule and decided to shoot himself. He was found dead in his main street’s office lavatory in 1907 with a 32- caliber revolver.

More than 30,000 people attended his funeral and felt saddened by the loss.

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Walter Foxcraft Hawkins- No Apparent Reasons of Suicide

Walter Foxcraft Hawkins was not a well-known political figure; hence he was an American attorney and local political figure who served as a mayor of Pittsfield. 

After his Bar exams, Hawkins opened a law firm in his hometown on October 7, 1891. After that, he married Helen A. Rich. When he became mayor, he didn’t stop his law practice as well as also managed his duties as a vice president of Berkshire Life Insurance Company. 

When he was 59 years old, he suddenly committed suicide while resting in his law office in Pittsfield. He shot himself through his heart with a high-power revolver.

His reasons for death are still not known by any senior authorities or police officials.

Charles A Binder- Shot 2 Bullets in His Head

Charles A Binder was a well-known politician in his era who attended Columbia law school in 1877. He was an American lawyer as well as a great politician in New York.

He was admitted to the bar and then continued his practice in New York in 1878.

Binder was also a great member of the New York Assembly in 1884, and 1886.

After a few years in 1891, he shot two bullets in his head. Later it was revealed that Binder misappropriated more than $20,000 from the estate and he was a co-executor. He feared getting arrested, so he took an extreme step.


There are still hundreds of politicians around the world who shot themselves dead after a terrible phase in life. most of them used a gunshot method, while some of them hung themselves in their home after fiscal misconduct or due to any political scandal. And the worse part is, some of them were innocent. They just gave up and decided not to be a part of any mess by killing themselves, which is definitely a terrible thing for all the people.
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