Micah Valentine, a proud native of Washington State, is deeply passionate about his community and consistently lends his service to its betterment. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in Spanish from Southern Virginia University, Micah’s academic journey was bolstered by a full-ride soccer scholarship, exemplifying his dedication and excellence.

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Micah is the driving force behind two successful marketing companies. Nestled in Kennewick with his cherished wife and children, his local involvement spans diverse domains. He actively contributes to boards, assumes leadership roles in local churches, imparts wisdom through speaking engagements, collaborates closely with educational institutions, guides and mentors youngsters in sports, and readily takes on community service initiatives, among numerous other endeavors.

Micah’s transition from Western Washington to the Tri-Cities region shortly before the onset of the COVID pandemic was pivotal. Galvanized by the prevailing political climate, he recognized a pressing need for authentic representation within the local community. This drove him to immerse himself in all facets of politics, recognizing the void in effective representation. His blend of marketing prowess and unswerving principled values naturally positioned him as a go-to strategist for aspiring conservative candidates.

Soon, Micah’s profound commitment took shape as he orchestrated impactful campaigns for robust conservative contenders. Fueled by his strategic acumen and unwavering beliefs, he emerged as the go-to resource for local candidates in pursuit of authentic representation. This journey culminated in the birth of One Politician, a testament to his commitment to organize and optimize his expertise, ensuring that campaigns embracing conservative principles could secure victory.

Micah Valentine stands not just as a marketer but as a fervent advocate for principled representation, equipped with the acumen, experience, and passion to drive political victories for conservative candidates at all levels. Currently his campaign success rate hovers around 85% wins.