5 Most Active Political Parties on Social Media in The World

In today’s dominated social media landscape, everybody is leveraging the power of hashtags, memes, viral content, and trending topics to connect, engage, and influence the masses like never before.

Ah, and the political parties… They are also active in the game, sparking real-time conversations and engaging in fiery debates to share their viewpoints.

In fact, some of the political parties in the world are actually known for their strong presence on social media channels. From rallying supporters to calling them out for protests, a single tweet can do much more than we have ever expected before.

What’s even more shocking is that social media influence is growing rapidly and all political parties are using it as a weapon in building their narrative.

Every political party in the world is now harnessing the power of social media to highlight their achievements, communicate with their supporters, and inspire their voters.

But the question is, which are the most active social media parties in the world that are doing it wisely and smartly?

Let’s find out below:

Most Active Political Parties on Social Media in The World:

Here we have outlined some active political parties in the world that are making waves and dominating the social world.

  1. United States Democratic Party
  2. BJP – India
  3. M5S – Italy
  4. Podemos – Spain
  5. En Marche – France

Now let us explore how they are using social media for their party motives and narratives.

United States Democratic Party:

Democrats are usually known for fighting for a better, fair, and bright future for every American. And they are successfully doing it by being active on every social media channel. From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, they are leveraging the power of every channel to amplify their voices. 

Let’s find out how they use social media:

  • Their presence is highly active on Twitter as they have millions of followers. They share breaking news, promote policy initiatives, engage in real-time conversations, and do much more that makes them “party leaders on social media”. 
  • In fact, their official Instagram page serves as a hub for news, information, recent events, achievements, a live stream of rallies, and town hall meetings.
  • Not only that, they have different Facebook groups besides one official page where they connect with all supporters and discuss key issues.
  • Besides Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, they have also established a strong presence on Tiktok, which differentiates them from other political parties. They create entertaining, light, and creative videos to inspire youth while addressing critical issues smartly.

BJP – India:

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is one of the most popular political parties in the world that has been known for its influential presence on different social media channels. Let’s find out how they have been so active on social media:

  • Their Twitter presence is literally very strong and dynamic. They effectively use the channel to share news & announcements and update supporters about current activities. Their tweets are always very meaningful as they actively use relevant hashtags, and visually appealing graphics, and engage millions of followers using smart tactics. Their Twitter campaign also includes live chat.
  • They have also been very active on Facebook for the last few years. They tend to engage with followers through likes, shares, and comments while fostering a sense of responsibility. Their campaign managers also use targeted advertising on Facebook for specific demographics and regions, which allows them to tailor the messages effectively.
  • They also have an official YouTube channel for speeches, interviews, party documentaries, and campaign videos.
  • What differentiates them from others is, they actively use WhatsApp besides social media channels. Why? To disseminate information, mobilize their volunteers, and rally people for protests and other reasons.

M5S – Italy:

The Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S) is another popular political party in Italy that has made a wonderful impact by using social media brilliantly and innovatively. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the party is using social media to engage with millions of supporters:

  • M5S is a political party that has gained maximum name and fame through the brilliant use of social media. First, they started a blog that gradually became a hub for information, news, political discussions, and different events. After the success of their blog, they used social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others.
  • Another element that differentiates them from others is, they have been committed to direct online democracy. They have used a digital platform called “Rousseau,” which allows registered party members to take part in decision-making and candidate selection for elections. 
  • They have also used several live-streaming technologies to engage with the masses in real time. 
  • The party has used social media channels as tools for activism. They strongly encourage their people to share party-related content, spark discussions, and organize different events through social media.

Podemos – Spain:

Podemos is a Spanish political party that has an impactful social media presence on every platform. Let’s explore how they have been using it to their advantage.

  • Podemos is strongly active on Twitter. Their campaign managers are using hashtags strategically to spark discussions, amplify the message, and engage with millions of people within seconds.
  • The party also has a significant following on Facebook. They use the platform for sharing news & information, uploading videos, and conducting live streaming of their events. They also use the advertising features of Facebook to reach targeted demographics.
  • The party recognizes the importance of visually appealing images, which is why they use Instagram where they share glimpses of their activities through imagery and also share personal stories of party members to create interest.
  • Podemos has also been using Telegram. They use Telegram to create dedicated groups where members can receive updates, participate in discussions, and organize grassroots activities.

En Marche – France

Translated as “On the Move” in English, the En Marche have been using social media channels so smartly for their political agendas. Let’s find out their strategies for using social media:

  • The campaign managers leverage the real-time nature of Twitter to engage in political and social discussions, respond to questions, as well as address concerns raised by their supporters and critics. The party leaders including Emmanuel Macron, the president of France use Twitter to directly communicate with the public.
  • Facebook is their key platform to connect with a broad audience. They share different news articles, blogs, videos, and live streams of events like rallies and speeches on their official page and groups. The party is actively engaged with followers through comments, likes, and shares, fostering a community of supporters.
  • The party’s Instagram account showcases social and political images and videos that highlight their important events, campaign initiatives, and behind-the-scenes moments. They also upload stories to engage with followers, share updates, and gather feedback.
  • Their YouTube channel serves as a hub of comprehensive content that showcases their activities, policies, events, and achievements.

Final Thoughts:

We all know one thing for sure – social media has changed the overall political landscape. It has enabled political parties to engage with the public on a whole new level. From rapid-fire discussions on Twitter to storytelling videos on YouTube, there is no political party in the world that is not harnessing the power of social platforms.

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