Men vs Women Politicians – Who is Better in Politics?

According to one report by CNN, Americans want more women in politics. Why? Because they think women have the power to govern differently. They are more empathetic and can take the right decisions than men.  However, many people think the opposite. They believe women shouldn’t be in politics because it’s something not appropriate for females, […]

Awesome Tips for Taking Your Political Campaign Photos

Campaign photography is important. It tells your story and highlights a human side. Though it might sound quite simple, but executing photoshoots at different locations from different angles is such a hectic job that cannot be done by every professional. Taking photos that instill trust and confidence can easily be achieved when you have a […]

10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Female Politicians

Women’s equal participation has now become crucial to achieving sustainable goal developments. According to recent data and research, women are underrepresented at almost every major level. This means achieving gender parity and equal rights in politics has also become a big challenge for today’s growing woman. The research says, there are only 26 womens who […]