Interesting Ways to Use Social Media for Political Campaigns

We are living in an increasingly digital world where social media is everything for today’s generation. Whether it’s shopping for clothes or ordering food from a new restaurant, people always check reviews on their social media pages so that they can learn if they are the right option to choose. Due to its tremendous popularity […]

Social Media Mistakes That Every Politician Should Avoid

Social media – oh what a sweet name to hear. But trust us, it is not as sweet as it sounds. Social media is a blessing and a curse too. People are getting addicted to social media platforms and experiencing tons of negative health effects. People are sharing a lot; I mean a lot of […]

Should Politicians Use Social Media Channels?

Believe it or not, social media has become a crucial component of our lives. Social media and politics have become inseparable. The reason is, that there is so much happening in politics that needs to be shared on social media channels, where most people are active these days. A popular hashtag like #importedhukumatnamanzoor is still […]