Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

“I have no plans to vote for anyone in the election, and neither my family members nor friends are planning to do so…” heard my colleague say to someone on call… and I just wondered what’s the reason behind that? Isn’t this our civic duty to vote for a leader that can better handle the […]

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Political Press Release

We all know that press releases are an important part of every marketing strategy. It is used as a way to announce some newsworthy information to a massive audience. That’s why it should be clear, concise, meaningful, and thoughtful that tell people about something new and interesting. The same rules apply when it comes to […]

5 Best Political Website Designs to Use as Inspirations in 2022

With the advent of digital marketing, more and more brands are turning to creating an awesome website for their business so they can represent themselves as a reputable brand in the market. Not only businesses but political leaders and parties are also considering the same. however, their purpose is different. They are creating websites to […]

If You are a Politician, Get Ready to Answer These Questions by Public

Asking questions from politicians and leaders about their party, objectives, and other matters help the public understand where they stand as a politician and whether they deserve their vote or not. That’s the reason, if you are a politician, or planning to be one, then you need to get ready to answer several questions that […]

How to Improve Your Popularity in Politics?

There is nothing more disappointing for a politician than losing a political seat – even after spending tons of money on campaigns and advertising.  You create strategies, work on new ideas, gain public trust, and even try your luck in political party marketing & advertising. But everything got wasted and you ended up in desperation. […]

7 Essential Marketing Tips for Political Campaigning

Is your team trying to build a political campaign to win elections and people’s trust? If yes, then it’s not possible to win without following some proven marketing tips that guarantee 100% success. Today, candidates have agreed on the fact that they cannot reach potential voters with the traditional methods they used applied in past […]

7 Most Influential Pakistani Politicians & Leaders of All-Time

Every country’s politics is a reflection of its culture and heritage.  Pakistan’s political system is also no different than that. The country features a combination of military and presidential systems, which means Pakistan’s politics is also an embodiment of traditions and cultures. Pakistan has produced brilliant leaders and politicians since its establishment. Those great leaders […]

Men vs Women Politicians – Who is Better in Politics?

According to one report by CNN, Americans want more women in politics. Why? Because they think women have the power to govern differently. They are more empathetic and can take the right decisions than men.  However, many people think the opposite. They believe women shouldn’t be in politics because it’s something not appropriate for females, […]

6 Reasons Why Politicians Need a website to Win

We simply cannot deny the importance of having a functional and engaging website. Especially if you belong to a reputable political party, then having a website becomes more crucial for you. Without it, you cannot maintain or increase your personal connections with the community.  Why? Because you are unable to share your goals with voters […]

5 Clever Political Marketing Tactics that Actually Work

In today’s growing digital era, it’s hard to win audiences’ trust especially if you are new to the industry. Now the same thing happens with politicians. If they want to win an election campaign and gain the trust of the community, they need something impressive and beneficial to get success. From talk show appearances to […]