Politics and Parental Rights

By: Eileen Griffin, Ph.D. We once assumed that parental rights were undeniable. The primary role of the parent was to raise the child and the child was expected to be respectful and obedient. It was assumed that parents had the authority to make decisions for their children. Children were raised with the values and traditions […]

5 Most Active Political Parties on Social Media in The World

In today’s dominated social media landscape, everybody is leveraging the power of hashtags, memes, viral content, and trending topics to connect, engage, and influence the masses like never before. Ah, and the political parties… They are also active in the game, sparking real-time conversations and engaging in fiery debates to share their viewpoints. In fact, […]

Toppled Towers: 10 Monumental Projects by PMLN Sabotage by PTI’s Digital Crusade

Ah, the world of Pakistani Politics!  Sometimes, it really feels like the politicians are playing some game of matchmaking. They switch parties more often than people change their relationship status on Facebook. It’s full of drama, political u-turns, conspiracies, and whatnot! Especially after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf started this digital fight with PMLN and other parties, things […]

10 Best Political Movies to Watch

Today we are going to uncover a very interesting topic that keeps all movie buffs and political enthusiasts on the edge of their seats! But what’s the topic, huh? Well, today we are going to see politics through the lens of the silver screen. Yes! If you are a movie buff, you have a chance […]

How to Gain Votes in Rural Areas in Pakistan? 5 Proven Strategies

Once Barack Obama said, “If you look at sort of how politics has divided itself here in the country, the big divide right now is between urban areas which have become increasingly democratic, and rural areas that feel as if they are being ignored.” Undoubtedly, there is nothing truer than this! And only because of […]

Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

“I have no plans to vote for anyone in the election, and neither my family members nor friends are planning to do so…” heard my colleague say to someone on call… and I just wondered what’s the reason behind that? Isn’t this our civic duty to vote for a leader that can better handle the […]

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Political Press Release

We all know that press releases are an important part of every marketing strategy. It is used as a way to announce some newsworthy information to a massive audience. That’s why it should be clear, concise, meaningful, and thoughtful that tell people about something new and interesting. The same rules apply when it comes to […]

5 Best Political Website Designs to Use as Inspirations in 2022

With the advent of digital marketing, more and more brands are turning to creating an awesome website for their business so they can represent themselves as a reputable brand in the market. Not only businesses but political leaders and parties are also considering the same. however, their purpose is different. They are creating websites to […]

If You are a Politician, Get Ready to Answer These Questions by Public

Asking questions from politicians and leaders about their party, objectives, and other matters help the public understand where they stand as a politician and whether they deserve their vote or not. That’s the reason, if you are a politician, or planning to be one, then you need to get ready to answer several questions that […]

How to Improve Your Popularity in Politics?

There is nothing more disappointing for a politician than losing a political seat – even after spending tons of money on campaigns and advertising.  You create strategies, work on new ideas, gain public trust, and even try your luck in political party marketing & advertising. But everything got wasted and you ended up in desperation. […]