5 Most Active Political Parties on Social Media in The World

In today’s dominated social media landscape, everybody is leveraging the power of hashtags, memes, viral content, and trending topics to connect, engage, and influence the masses like never before. Ah, and the political parties… They are also active in the game, sparking real-time conversations and engaging in fiery debates to share their viewpoints. In fact, […]

Toppled Towers: 10 Monumental Projects by PMLN Sabotage by PTI’s Digital Crusade

Ah, the world of Pakistani Politics!  Sometimes, it really feels like the politicians are playing some game of matchmaking. They switch parties more often than people change their relationship status on Facebook. It’s full of drama, political u-turns, conspiracies, and whatnot! Especially after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf started this digital fight with PMLN and other parties, things […]

The Future of Dynastic Politics in Pakistan

Today we are going to discuss a very intriguing topic that has captured the attention of many: the future of dynastic politics in Pakistan.  Dynastic politics, where power is transferred within families, has been a prominent feature of the country’s political landscape. In fact, it’s not only prominent but quite worrisome for some politicians and […]

7 Essential Marketing Tips for Political Campaigning

Is your team trying to build a political campaign to win elections and people’s trust? If yes, then it’s not possible to win without following some proven marketing tips that guarantee 100% success. Today, candidates have agreed on the fact that they cannot reach potential voters with the traditional methods they used applied in past […]

6 Reasons Why Politicians Need a website to Win

We simply cannot deny the importance of having a functional and engaging website. Especially if you belong to a reputable political party, then having a website becomes more crucial for you. Without it, you cannot maintain or increase your personal connections with the community.  Why? Because you are unable to share your goals with voters […]

5 Clever Political Marketing Tactics that Actually Work

In today’s growing digital era, it’s hard to win audiences’ trust especially if you are new to the industry. Now the same thing happens with politicians. If they want to win an election campaign and gain the trust of the community, they need something impressive and beneficial to get success. From talk show appearances to […]

How to Manage Your Political Campaign Successfully?

“How do you manage your political campaign?” This is the question asked by probably every marketer who undertakes your political party campaign and thinks of strategies to improve it. Well, no wonder it’s a very tough nut to crack even for big marketing agencies but that’s what they are supposed to do, right? Managing a […]

12 Winning Political Marketing Strategies for 2022

$75 million spent on digital advertising! Yes, you read that right. That was the amount planned by democratic strategists to counter Trump’s election a few years ago. In fact, $26 million was spent in the initial months on digital marketing and advertising. Well, don’t be surprised. The rising trend of digital marketing is driving politicians […]