Popular Muslim Politicians in America Struggling Against Stereotypes

Muslim Americans tend to consider various approaches for political involvement.  Some of them badly resist political participation, some propose the separation of dar al-Islam and dar al-Kufr and others are still fighting with other Americans after the 9/11 attacks. They are facing troubles of strong anti-Muslim sentiments in America as every Muslim is now stigmatized and discriminated badly against […]

7 Best Branding Campaigns for Political Parties Around the World

Politics was never easy; especially in today’s dynamic political world, it’s more polarizing than ever. This means there are no second chances when it comes to winning an election.  Every candidate works hard and goes above & beyond to win voters’ trust, but still, they don’t do it efficiently. Why? Because they need a more […]

Average Politician Salary and Benefits- A Comprehensive Overview

If you are a political science degree holder and want to become a politician, then this is the right article for you that can give a complete overview of an average politician’s salary. There are several government departments where a politician can work and contribute a lot. He may work at the local, state, or […]

10 European Muslim Politicians with Remarkable Contributions

According to the Pew Research Center, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Europe as the population was about 30 million in 1990 and increased to 40 million in 2010. Not only the fastest-growing, but it’s also the second-largest religion in Europe where people are converting tremendously. One research says that 200,000-320,000 people accepted Islam in […]

Politicians VS Leaders- What’s the Difference?

Politicians and leaders are often intertwined due to their roles and responsibilities. They both actively participate in politics, seek an elected seat in government, and propose, support, and create laws that benefit the citizens. So, what are the differences between both political figures? What sets them apart? And how can you choose the right person […]

8 Solid Reasons Why Politicians Need Marketing to Get Votes

What if we tell you that Barack Obama was crowned as the best marketer in 2012 by Ad Age? It was believed that he used exceptionally superior marketing skills to win the election. Can you imagine how he did that 10 years back when technology wasn’t even as grown as it is today? Romney lost […]