Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

Why So Many People Don’t Prefer to Vote in Elections?

“I have no plans to vote for anyone in the election, and neither my family members nor friends are planning to do so…” heard my colleague say to someone on call… and I just wondered what’s the reason behind that? Isn’t this our civic duty to vote for a leader that can better handle the country and run things smoothly? Maybe many people don’t feel the same anymore due to mishandling and conflicts. 

People who don’t want to vote in elections, don’t care who wins the election. But the fact is, it affects us directly. Your single vote can change the whole situation. But very few people understand this, unfortunately. 

Later on, I told my colleague that I overheard her conversation on phone and since then, I am thinking why she isn’t interested to vote for anyone. What she said was simply understandable and worrisome. She said, “No politician or leader has ever helped us during the dark times.” And that’s not something unusual. Many people think the same!

Deciding not to vote is your own choice, but this can make things terrible for the whole country. Have a look at some common reasons and learn why so many people don’t prefer to vote in elections.

People Don’t Trust the System:

There are potentially thousands of people who don’t trust the system. They have seen bad things happening around them and they simply blame the government for that. Instead of understanding our own roles and responsibilities as a citizen, we often blame authorities for not handling things properly.

People who don’t trust their fellow citizens and neither believe that the government can do the right thing for them are quite reluctant to vote. They believe that everybody in the system is more concerned about his own benefits. They don’t care what people are going through and how to handle tough times. 

Many people even believe that the electoral system is being rigged and their vote will be absolutely useless. 

People Don’t Like the Candidates:

Another common reason that why so many people don’t vote in elections is, they don’t like the candidates. According to my very close friend, “until and unless there is a person who I can trust with my whole heart and who can actually change things in a better way, I am not going to vote.”

That’s what most people think today. They believe that the candidates are not capable enough for the vote and they cannot properly handle things. 

Some people believe that a certain candidate is not suitable for the elected role. The person cannot make better changes and hence he is not a good option for the role. Therefore, they avoid voting for the candidate and wait for the right candidate who they think is have more power to do better things, in a better way.

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Politics Isn’t Their Thing:

Quite true. There are thousands of people on earth who hate politics. They just believe that politics is not their thing so they avoid doing that no matter what. 

No this doesn’t mean that they are not worried or concerned about their nation or country, it just means that they don’t want to be part of this whole political scenario.

Many people find politics a conflictual and difficult-to-understand thing. Young citizens often fall into this category today. Instead of involving themselves in politics, they keep themselves indulged in different activities. They do not even listen to the news or get themselves updated on the current political scenario.

They don’t feel well-informed about political candidates and believe that the act of voting is not going to change anything in anyone’s life.

Introverts are Unlikely to Vote, Anyway!

According to an analysis, people who are less expressive and keep things to themselves are unlikely to vote, anyway. Unlike extroverts who are more vocal about their experiences and open up completely to others and welcome new things, introverts are less likely to express their opinion, and hence, they don’t feel like they need to vote for anyone – even if they like the candidate.

Those people are relatively close-minded and don’t like opening up to new things. They are not so outgoing and less assertive, which makes them reluctant to vote for anyone. 

As opposed to them, extroverts do not only vote for the candidates but also motivate others to do the same. They have comparatively a more expressive nature and don’t like keeping things to themselves.

People Believe Voting is An Irrational Act:

There is another reason why people don’t vote in elections. They believe that voting is an irrational act. It is not going to change anything in their lives. After standing for hours in a long line, they still won’t get justice and things will not go in their favor. That’s why they believe that their single vote will never swing the election and there will be absolutely no improvement in their lifestyle.

Now what we need to do is, change their perspective and spread more awareness and positivity in society. We need to describe more positive reasons to vote as one vote can simply change a lot of things around us.

If you also think that voting is an irrational act, just study the example of Thomas Jefferson.

In 1800 – Thomas Jefferson was elected President by only one vote in the House of Representatives after a tie in the Electoral College. In 1824 – Andrew Jackson won the presidential popular vote but lost by one vote in the House of Representatives to John Quincy Adams after an Electoral College deadlock.

This proves that a single vote can change a lot of things around us. So, what makes voting an irrational act, huh?

Conclusion: Why Your Vote Matter?

If you think that just one vote in a sea of millions cannot make any difference in society, then you are wrong! Your vote cannot directly elect the president, but it can combine with thousands of others which means that your vote definitely matters as it was counted with others and helped made the decision.

If you are a politician and want to make visible changes in society, then let us help you in every regard. People will not only vote for you but also consider you a leader who can actually make things better. Contact our team at One Politician and learn what makes us different from others.Also, if you want trust from voters, you need to read this article and do these things right now.

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