10 Transgender Politicians Who are Making New Waves in Politics

It’s not easy to live in a world where people constantly degrade someone because of his sexuality. Especially when it comes transgender community, they are always being looked down on and face abusive behavior. To make a mark with their identity and live a normal life, they have to fight each day and take a tough path.

Therefore, unlike normal people, their career path is quite difficult.

There are hundreds of transgender politicians around the world who are making new waves in politics. They are not only fighting for their increased visibility and equal rights but also contributing a lot to society with their high-level political sense.

So today we have outlined the most popular and brilliant transgender politicians who are working tirelessly; and in fact, some of them are members of parliament in European countries. 

Let’s scroll down and get inspired by the valuable and notable contribution of transgender politicians in politics.

Petra De Sutter- Most senior trans politician in Europe:

Petra De Sutter is the most popular name in the world of transgender politicians who have got of honor of becoming the very first transgender deputy prime minister of Belgium on October 1. Not only that, but Petra is also the most senior trans politician in Europe.

She was also Belgium’s first openly trans MP in 2014 when she got elected.

What’s more amazing is, that incredible person is also a gynecologist and fertility expert. She is popular for her activism about sexual and productive health of trans issues.

Erica Malunguinha- A well-known state representative in Brazil

Erica was the first black trans woman who got elected and became a well-known state representative in Brazil. Erica ran for election amid an agitating pattern set by racist and homophobic campaigning from Jair Bolsonaro and other comrades. When she was elected, she vowed to change the way political institutions deal with the transgender community. 

She is a great member of the Socialism as well as Liberation party. Erica won more than 50,000 votes on a progressive platform that noticed her valuable contributions and hard work for making political contributions easy.

Taylor Small- Democrat and Progressive member of politics

Taylor Small was elected as both a Democrat and Progressive member of politics and also proud to become the first openly transgender person got elected to the Vermont legislature. 

Small is only a 26-year-old trans woman and is going to represent the Chittenden 6-7 district along with Democrat Hal Colston. 

Her contributions list is quite long as she has also been serving as a director of the Health & Wellness program at the Pride Center of Vermont. She is also into community activism and bringing drag performers to the library so they can read books and teach others about LGBTQ acceptance.

Sarah McBride- Delaware State Senator

Sarah McBride is a wonderful name in the political world who is a Delaware State Senator as well as an LGBT+ rights champion. She was also appointed as a former national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign in which she was the first trans woman to have made her place in the state senate.

She was also a former White House staffer in the era of Obama who then received a national spotlight in 2016 after becoming the first transgender person who gave a motivational speech at the Democratic National Convention.

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Brianna Titone- Colorado transgender lawmaker

Brianna Titone is a Colorado transgender lawmaker who got re-elected when the majority of people appreciated her work towards the development of the state. It was a hard phase for her and in fact a big challenge because Republicans were launching vile transphobic ads to unseat her.

After that Titone said in a press conference “The voters have spoken and selected me to continue to serve the people of House District 27. Thank you!”

Aya Kamikawa- The First openly transgender politician

Aya Kamikawa belongs to Japan, and she is the only openly transgender politician in the country. During an interview, she politely convey her message and said:

 “My goal is to send a message to others, to educate them about people like me. Listen, transgender people are never going to be 100 percent accepted in society, but people need to understand that we exist, and I intend to do that by getting to know people in my local community,” 

The 53 years old politician from Tokyo Japan has made a lot of valuable contributions to society to spread awareness.

Shabnam Mausi- Elected As an MLA

Asian transgender community is also not behind the political race. Shabnam Mausi is the first transgender politician in India who got elected to public office and has also been trained as a professional classical dancer.

The 38-year-old politician was discarded by her family, but the brave trans woman fought against all the odds and was elected as an MLA in India.

Jamie Lee Hamilton- First Trans person Run for the Office in Canada

Jamie Lee Hamilton is 66 years old politician in Canada who has also got the honors of being the first trans person to run for the office in Canada. 

Not only this, but the trans women also sit on the board of directors for the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society.

Carla Antonelli- Serves in the Madrid Assembly:

Carla Antonelli is a transexual woman who is an actress by profession and an LGBTQ rights activist who is also the first person serving in Legislature in Spain.

She is 62 years old and a member of the Assembly of the Community of Madrid.

Amanda Simpson- Highest Rank Transgender Appointee:

Amanda Simpson, another big name in the political world. She is the best and highest rank openly transgender appointee in America. She serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy.


There are still plenty of trans women in politics who are making a valuable mark with their amazing contributions and changing the entire political world. They are fighting for LGBT rights so that next generations can live without any discrimination, and undoubtedly their contributions are phenomenal, making them the proud transsexual women in the world.
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