Toppled Towers: 10 Monumental Projects by PMLN Sabotage by PTI’s Digital Crusade

Ah, the world of Pakistani Politics! 

Sometimes, it really feels like the politicians are playing some game of matchmaking. They switch parties more often than people change their relationship status on Facebook. It’s full of drama, political u-turns, conspiracies, and whatnot!

Especially after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf started this digital fight with PMLN and other parties, things are more complicated and disturbed. Both parties PTI and PMLN have been fierce rivals since the start, each claiming to be the champion of the growth and development of the country. 

However, when PTI came into power, they launched what they called a “Digital Crusade” against their predecessor’s projects. They tried to create negative perceptions against the Nawaz government and badly sabotaged their projects through different digital conspiracies. From tweets to viral videos and memes, they tried every strategy to claim “what’s actually not theirs.” 

Yes! You got the point.

They tried to take all the credit and appreciation through PMLN’s projects and even sometimes they tried to suppress the efforts of PMLN government by saying their projects are pointless and useless. 

There are several monumental projects of PMLN that the PTI claims were sabotaged by their digital crusade. Let’s find out what PMLN actually did for the country and how PTI ridiculed and criticized their projects.

The Motorway Network

Who doesn’t love a smooth and comfortable ride on well-constructed roads, huh? 

The PMLN always did everything to provide an extensive motorway network. They connected cities and regions for trade, commerce, and different travel purposes.

But alas, the PTI’s digital warriors had a different approach to that. They accused the government of solely focusing on road construction by saying, “Yeh sirf roads banatay hain, or qoumein roadon se nahi banti.” Then do tell us quomen kis cheez se banti hain? Political u-turns se? Or maybe violence aur corruption phela ker?

They said the government neglect other important aspects and only focused to create a network of roads which is totally pointless.

But what these little minds don’t know is, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir were being connected through a network of high-quality roads and highways that accelerated socio-economic development in the country.

Well, let’s be honest, the motorway network has always played a crucial role in connectivity, and their efforts have literally brought us closer.

Energy Reforms (12,000 MW Electricity generated)

The power sector is no joke. We all know that, but our minds are manipulated by those little workers of PTI on social media.

PMLN tried to address the concerns of Pakistan’s energy crisis. According to Power Regulators of the country, “PML-N government has added 12000 MW of electricity in the national grid to overcome load shedding that hit the country since 2009-10.”

As per the annual industry report 2019, the historical trends show the cyclic nature of development particularly in the power generation sector. 

PMLN built greater control over the energy supply, and the government already spent billions of dollars building liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, pipelines, and dams, while private investors are financing wind and solar.

The government provided more power to the poor. They further:

  • Provided Rs. 125 B in power subsidy to the poor in 2018
  • Lowered agricultural / tubewell tariff from Rs. 8.35/ unit to Rs. 5.35/ unit and provided a subsidy of greater than Rs. 12 B in / tube wells
  • Generated and transmitted a historic high of 20,700 MW of power in 2018
  • Eradicated load-shedding by adding 11,000 MW
  • 6800 MW of LNG, 2650 MW of coal
  • 1500 MW of renewables
  • 600+ MW of nuclear
  • Large hydro projects (Tarbela 4 & Neelum Jhelum)

And still, those small minds believe that apnon ko nawaz dya or mehangi bijli le.”

Sadly, the PTI’s digital crusade claimed that the PMLN only delivered expensive electricity to the people. What they don’t know is, reforms take time. They shouldn’t forget that progress was being made to overcome the energy shortfall.


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), was actually a game-changer for Pakistan’s economic landscape. However, it ignited intense debates, especially among PTI’s digital members. It was a step taken by PMLN to build a strategic partnership, that aimed to bring immense economic opportunities. 

But those poor digital warriors alleged that Pakistan was selling itself to China. Yes, they clearly said, “Mulk China ko bech diya, Gwadar port free mein de di.”

This was the level of manipulation followed by PTI’s digital crusade in efforts to change the minds of people. They know how to play with the minds of people.

Well, it’s important to remember that such projects require careful negotiations and long-term vision. The CPEC undoubtedly holds vast potential for Pakistan’s growth and connectivity.

Metro Mass Transit Systems

This was another achievement by PMLN which was badly sabotaged by PTI in efforts to portray them as dirty and corrupt.

Metro mass transit systems were launched to improve public transportation. The PMLN introduced projects like the Lahore Orange Line and Multan Metro, but the PTI’s digital army had its own foolish objections. 

They rejected the idea of fancy buses. They claimed that those funds should have been directed elsewhere. They even said in different speeches and posts, “Jangla bus ki zarurat nahi thi. Apna loha lga rhy. Mulk metro se ni bnty. 70 arab lga dye.”

But dear PTI’s little volunteers, don’t you see the convenience, reduced traffic congestion, and enhanced connectivity that these projects brought to your everyday life? Let’s GROW UP now, for God’s sake!!!

Neelum Jehlum & Mohmand Dam

There is one thing that’s very important about dams. Guess?

Dams hold the key to Pakistan’s water and energy security. 

The PMLN initiated projects like the Neelum Jehlum and Mohmand Dams, aiming to harness water resources efficiently. Unfortunately, the PTI’s digital crusaders overshadowed these efforts and endeavors. 

In fact, they just undermine it and only talk about Bhasha Dam, even though PMLN already bought land in their tenure.

It’s crucial to give credit where it’s due and acknowledge the PMLN’s efforts to secure Pakistan’s water future.

Health Card

Healthcare accessibility is a crucial aspect of any government’s agenda. That’s why, PMLN initiated the Prime Minister Health Insurance Scheme in 2015, and provided health cards to the people. But unluckily, PTI’s digital warriors claimed credit for that idea too. And conveniently forgot the PMLN’s efforts. 

They said Imran Khan started it, but the fact is, Nawaz Sharif already started and distributed it to people with the name ‘Prime Minister Health Insurance Scheme.’

“We must provide the best medical care to poor people and this program is just a step further in executing our responsibility,” Nawaz Sharif said while addressing a gathering at the inaugural ceremony of the National Health Program.

The scheme was launched in 15 districts of Islamabad and then expanded to 23 districts in the second phase. According to the scheme, about 1.2 million families got free healthcare facilities in Pakistan.

He further said:

“People sell their property and household items for medical treatment of their loved ones, but this will not happen anymore,”

Let’s set the record straight and acknowledge the PMLN’s contribution to healthcare access through this initiative.

Olive Plantation

Olive plantations may not be the most glamorous topic, but they hold immense potential for Pakistan’s agriculture sector. 

The PMLN introduced olive plantation initiatives, aiming to boost olive production and reduce import dependency. However, it’s interesting how the PTI’s digital warriors suddenly claimed ownership of the project as the trees started bearing fruit. 

You shouldn’t forget that the foundation of the project was laid by Shehbaz Sharif in 2014 which was afterward promoted by the PTI government in the name of the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project.

No one talks about it before, but now as these trees start producing olives, they boldly claim that it’s a PTI project.

Credit where it’s due, people!

Farm to Market Project

Revolutionizing rural areas requires investment in infrastructure, and that’s precisely what the PMLN aimed to achieve through the Farm to Market project

They allocated significant funds to construct roads, connecting rural areas to urban centers. The PTI’s digital crusaders may have their doubts, but let’s appreciate the PMLN’s commitment to uplifting rural communities through enhanced connectivity.

Now it’s everywhere in Punjab as the government spent 50 Arab/per year to build these roads to revolutionize rural areas.

Laptop Scheme 

The laptop scheme became the talk of the town with the PMLN distributing laptops to students. PTI’s critics argued that it was merely a populist move… but the numbers don’t lie. 

It really helped Pakistan gain around 300% growth in the IT sector. There was a time when Pakistan’s growth in the IT sector was better than India’s in the PMLN tenure, credit goes to these laptop schemes, which even India copied too.

The project aimed to give opportunities in the form of laptops to all the young, bright, and talented students studying in public sector Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) across the country and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

In this regard, more than 100,000 laptops would have been awarded to talented students on merit through an online transparent system. 

So, let’s acknowledge the positive impact of the laptop scheme and celebrate the growth of Pakistan’s IT sector.

Karachi Cleanup Operation 

Cleaning up a sprawling metropolis like Karachi was not a small thing. In fact, it was one of the most difficult jobs at that time. The PMLN launched the Karachi Cleanup Operation, aiming to improve the city’s infrastructure and livability. 

They again manipulated the minds of the people by giving all credit to Raheel Sharif, not PMLN. They neglected all efforts and concerns of Nawaz Sharif. 

Let’s give credit where it’s due and recognize the steps taken toward transforming Karachi into a cleaner, more vibrant city.


From the above-mentioned projects and claims, now it’s clearly evident that PTI’s digital crusade played a significant role in shaping public perception. They tried to take all the credit for PMLN’s projects and manipulated people’s minds through different techniques.

But did you ever thought why PTI’s digital crusade has done that? It’s simple. They didn’t do anything in their 4-year tenure. They talked more and worked less, which is clearly in front of everyone today, but people are still not seeing their clever approach and manipulation.

It’s important to move forward with informed discussions, constructive criticism, and a focus on unity for the betterment of Pakistan’s future. 

After all, the progress of the country is all that matters, and it’s our collective responsibility to foster a culture of growth and inclusivity.