Men vs Women Politicians – Who is Better in Politics?

According to one report by CNN, Americans want more women in politics. Why?

Because they think women have the power to govern differently. They are more empathetic and can take the right decisions than men. 

However, many people think the opposite. They believe women shouldn’t be in politics because it’s something not appropriate for females, especially in Pakistan. Women have fewer rights and they can’t take brave decisions. 

But on the other side, women believe that they can take better steps for other women in society and can contribute to women’s empowerment. 

Well, there are different views and perspectives. People think differently based on the current political situation and other things. If you are interested to know who plays a better role in politics, then this is the right article for you. 

Here we have compared the roles of men and women in politics and evaluated who performs better. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point and discover the facts.

1. Who Can Be a Better Leader?


When it comes to leadership, many people will say that men are good leaders and they can lead things efficiently. Well, they are correct.

Men are probably the better leaders. Let’s look at history, Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and many others are on the list of great political leaders who have remarkable contributions in the field of politics.

They took brave decisions that benefited their nation and countries a lot. But it doesn’t mean that female leader weren’t great enough for the country. Cleopatra, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Judy Smith, and many other females also contributed a lot to the well-being of their country.

But overall, Men are still voted as the best leaders due to their strong decisive and leadership skills.

2. Who is More Compassionate and Honest?


Many people believe that women are better at being empathetic and compassionate. They deal with things very gently and kindly. They try to handle everything more honestly than men. Especially when it comes to making compromises, nobody can beat women. They sacrifice their families, children, and happiness and have the ability to go extra mile for their country. 

This proves women are more honest, diligent, and truthful as compared to men in politics.

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3. Who is Willing to Take Risks?


No doubt, men are brave and vigilant. They are not emotional and do not take things personally. They are willing to take all kinds of risks for their country’s prosperity. 

We shouldn’t forget how bravely the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy fought with Russia and took brave decisions when his whole country was at stake.

There are lots of examples in which men fought bravely for their country. This means they are willing to take risks more confidently than women as females are little emotional and think about hundreds of elements before taking any risk.

4. Who Serves as a Role Model for Society?


While there have always been more men in politics, of course, men serve as a role model than women. Whenever you will ask someone who is your favorite leader or politician, he will surely take a name of a male politician. It’s not like they are sexist or gender-sensitive, it’s because men in politics have contributed a lot.  

They hold conferences, speak with the public on different platforms, and have more abilities to work for their country than women. For example, many people love Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, and consider him their role model.

Why? Because he made lots of notable contributions to the country. He shows concern for his people and motivates them to do better. 

5. Who are More Ambitions and Show Emotions Openly?


When it comes to showing emotions of love, hate, anger, kindness, and affection, women are definitely at the top of the list than men. 

It doesn’t mean that they are sensitive or very emotional, it’s just because they are naturally very expressive than men. They are a lot quite ambitious. Once they decide to do something positive for the country, they manage to do it all the costs no matter what.

6. Who is Better in Handling Criticism?


Usually, men are thought to be better at handling criticism than men. Women take it a bit personally and can’t handle it when someone comments on their work, contributions, and other things. 

But men are better at handling negativity as they don’t take it much seriously if they are right. 

7. Who Plan Things Better?


Yes, women are always better at planning no matter if it’s politics or homely issues. The reason is, that women take time to think and decide. They are more organized and foresee issues that can create problems in the future.

However, men are somewhat different. They do whatever they think is best for the country without giving it much thought and consideration. This makes a woman a better planner than men.

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8. Who has Better Convincing Power?


I know you will be surprised to know that men have better convincing power than women, especially in politics. Many people thought that women are better at convincing, but that’s not true necessarily. When it comes to politics, you have to be an excellent communicator. You need to express things differently so that people can trust you and vote for you.

You need to create long speeches, hold conferences, arrange meetings, and much more to make people believe that you are a true leader. 

And men are probably good at doing all this. They can convince people better why their political party is better than others.


What do you think? Who is better in politics? Men or women?

Well, according to the above comparison, men are generally good in politics in all aspects. They are strong, brave, decisive, and have the ability to take risks better than women. Contrary to that, women are empathetic, kind, truthful, and honest – which is certainly not an important quality in the field of politics. 

Are you agree with us? If yes, then do give us your opinion.