Here’s How PMLN Can Counter PTI’s Narrative on Social Media and Tell them Who is the Boss!!!

It’s no secret that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was the first political party that recognized the potential of social media in shaping the opinions of the public. Well, it wasn’t ‘public’ specifically, but the word “youth” fits better here. What do you think?

With today’s young generation being highly active on social media, PTI has taken full advantage of all digital platforms to change the minds of the youth and promote their agenda. 

PTI has always used social media strategically. They have been using social media channels to connect with young voters and supporters on a personal level. We frequently use the phrase “teeli lagana” in our general conversation, and sometimes it really feels like this has been the whole mission of their social media campaigns. 

Yes, we are not afraid of spilling the facts here!!!

Literally, they are doing it very brilliantly. They have a strong online presence, they create captivating content, share engaging videos and captions, manipulate situations, and do every single thing to prove that they are the only loyal to Pakistan in the whole damn world.

We really appreciate how they have mastered the art and changed public opinion.

Compared to them, PMLN is in no way near the strength and activities on social media channels. Their strength is different. They believe in physical things that people can see with their eyes and feel them. 

But the problem is, voters from Gujrat can’t feel what Metro Bus actually is. You have to use the media to convey your message. It’s a kind of perception difference between both parties.

PMLN is more busy with changing the political, social, and financial situation of Pakistan than being active and running campaigns on digital platforms.

PMLN’s new leadership feels the same way. They know that we are far behind and we need to make an effort to beat any negative propaganda in the future as well.


Here’s how PMLN can counter PTI’s narrative on social media and reach a wider audience to spread the truth.

Time to Get Truly Professional

First things first, it’s time for PMLN to shift gears from its relation-based approach to a more professional one on social media. They need to manage a qualified team of social media professionals who know all the positives and negatives of every platform and can create engaging content that resonates with the audience in Pakistan.

PTI spends millions of dollars on social media and reputation building. Their structure is very organized and based on professionals who get heavy amounts from the party. 

If you look at PMLN, I’m afraid anyone may get any salary except a few of their stalwarts. Most of their members are volunteers.

Hire professionals to get professional work. This is how the modern world works.

Divide Teams for Every Platform

Social media is diverse. You cannot say that you have a strong presence on social media by being active on Facebook and neglecting Twitter and Instagram.

PMLN should divide the social media teams and assign each team to a specific platform like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

By doing this, they can create tailored content that suits the vibe of each platform. It’s all about putting your resources into your diehard team. Train them and get the maximum potential.

Arrange training programs. Use online platforms to organize their tests and enhance their skills.

I’m surprised to see, PMLN is good at running businesses and doing projects but when it comes to social media, they took it for granted. No, you are wrong. You have to run it exactly as you are running your business.

Showcase Past Projects with Engaging Content

We all know that PMLN has an excellent track record. It’s time to let the world know! 

They really need to come up with engaging content which truly highlights the positive impact of their past projects. Create stunning infographics, videos, and success stories that showcase the party’s achievements. 

It’s a famous saying in Pakistan that “logon ki yadasht kamzor hoti hai”. If you see it is true then you need to keep reminding them of all the fruitful things PMLN has done in the past.

Use Technology to Challenge PTI’s Narrative

PMLN should embrace modern-day software solutions. 

How about creating a data bank where you store all your opponents’ U-turns and negative points? Data bank with all of your positive points? data bank with your stands on issues. That way, everyone in the party can access this library and share content that exposes their conspiracies and inconsistencies. It’s the right time to use technology to challenge PTI’s narrative on social media.

Create an App: A Public Library

Misinformation is a great headache for the party and its supporters because your opponent has immense power to spread the propaganda.

However, PMLN can deal with it if they have a dedicated mobile application. This app can be a one-stop shop for all the positive points, projects, and party updates. People can get accurate information whenever they need it, right at their fingertips. Build trust and foster engagement by providing reliable information directly to the public.

Organize Events in Colleges and Universities

We all know that PTI is using social media to manipulate students and young people. During the PTI Youth Convention in Lahore, Imran Khan clearly stated that:

“I only need the youth of Pakistan to bring change, not big names or big politicians”

You may agree or not, but PMLN is losing ground because new voters are more towards PTI because of their aggressive stance and “feel alike” atmosphere. 

“If you want to be friends with a kid, you have to come to his place. Give him the atmosphere they want.”

PMLN should organize different events in colleges and universities. Launch some interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops where the party members can address concerns and build a connection with young voters.

Tell People that Maryam Nawaz is a Leader of the Youth

When you fight with an enemy, you need to measure all of their strengths and weaknesses. Everybody knows that our youth idolizes Imran Khan today, even after his poor performance in 4 years of governance.

Look here you go, this is what PTI supporters showed us. “Idealism has nothing to do with performance. They are 2 different things.”

It may be a perfect sentence to say this. 



Well, they can’t compete in performance but PMLN has an edge now, they can compete with PTI in idols. They have one trump card. 

It’s time to connect with young voters and put Maryam Nawaz in the spotlight. Everyone knows that only Maryam can diminish the Imranistan empire. She is the only one in Pakistan right now. 

Positioning her as a true leader whom people idolize is something PMLN needs to do. As I said earlier, “Idealism has nothing to do with performance. They are 2 different things”. If you agree then in the real world, 2 different jobs have to be done by 2 different people. You have Sharif’s performance on one end. Maryam should play a part on the other until she gets any government role.

Arrange Monthly Meetups with Influencers

Influencers can become the true power of the party. How?

Collaborate with influencers who actively spread PMLN’s vision and values. Give them incentives or arrange regular meetups to build strong relationships. These influencers can help support the party, spread their message, reach a wider audience, and counter the PTI narrative with their massive following.

Organize Social Media Training Workshops

It’s also important to organize social media training workshops in different cities and equip the youth with the skills they need to create quality content. 

We’re talking about content creation, engagement strategies, fact-checking, and being responsible digital citizens. When the youth is armed with the right tools, PMLN can strengthen its digital presence and effectively counter PTI’s narrative.

Some True Examples of Fascism Followed by PTI

In a recent tweet, the researcher and well-being consultant RA Shahzad expressed his concerns regarding the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and suggested that the party promotes fascism on social media. He says the fascist doesn’t accept obedience and in fact, he uses fear as a weapon to control the minds of people.

To win the game and challenge PMLN’s rules and governance, they are going to extreme limits.

According to him, Imran Khan follows fascist strategies, controls the minds of the youth, brainwashes them, and utilizes them against other political parties. The man is actually spilling the facts here. 

Check out in their tweet, how they shifted the blame of burning trees and everything on the Islamabad administration and portrayed their party clean and honest.

With time, their party got more organized and lethal. They tried to shut down their opponents and ran several targeted campaigns on social media. 

Did we all forget how their party member Shehbaz Gill started dirty trends to spoil the reputation of Asma Shirazi? He said the lady has been taking “favors” from the government. Man, you cannot question the credibility of the media and journalists if you can’t prove yourself innocent. It’s an ethically, politically, and socially wrong way to come clean. 

There were millions of retweets against her. Even when she went to London for a meeting with Nawaz Sharif, their social media managers publicized their family pictures, and her kids were also harassed in their schools. 

This dirty trolling and social media politics need to be stopped now and this can be only done when PMLN gets so strong and unbeatable that no other party can challenge them politically, socially, or personally.

Final Words

If PMLN wants to beat PTI in the digital landscape, then it’s important to keep up with the times and use modern techniques. PMLN needs to work with a team of professionals who know what it takes to give PTI a hard time. 

They must know how to create killer content, how to deliver accurate information, and how to engage with the audience in a respectful way. There is no room for sloppy work here!

PMLN needs to build a brilliant youth squad that’s united and gives PTI the answers in their own language. When everyone is on the same page, they can create amazing content that speaks to different groups of people. Plus, a strong team can respond quickly to any PTI claims, shutting them down with confidence.

In Urdu, we usually say “Naakon channay chabwana”, and that’s what a strong PMLN team can do with their modern techniques and working together like a team.