5 Best Political Website Designs to Use as Inspirations in 2022

With the advent of digital marketing, more and more brands are turning to creating an awesome website for their business so they can represent themselves as a reputable brand in the market.

Not only businesses but political leaders and parties are also considering the same. however, their purpose is different. They are creating websites to showcase how much capable they are, what are their qualifications & achievements, why people should vote for them, and what contributions they can make to the progress of their country.

As a politician, if you can successfully do this through your website, you definitely get unlimited votes and the support of people in society. You cannot only represent locally but internationally too.

Therefore, having an amazing website design is the most important thing for politicians today. If you don’t have a website yet, and you don’t have any idea to design it, then have a look at these political website design ideas and use them as inspirations. I hope that these designs will help me understand what a political website should look like.

Joe Biden’s Website – the US President

You must have seen the website design of Joe Biden, the current US President.

This website doesn’t only look unique, but it features all the amazing ingredients of the best campaign website. It has engaging content, relevant visuals, a compelling call-to-action button, multiple options for donations, a proper representation of the candidate, as well as easy navigation that is understandable for everyone.

This website also presents the life photos and videos of Joe Biden and how he interacts with people and visitors. The website also asks for donations, provide users the possibility to create an account, and even offers merchandise solutions.

One of the best design features of the website is its logo. It efficiently and smartly combines several unique elements of his campaign into the logo as well as combines the beautiful colors of the American flag.

All these impeccable factors are must-haves in every political website design today. So, make sure you follow them while creating yours.

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Kamala Harris Website Design – the California Senator

After Joe Biden, the next inspiration we have is Kamala Harris’s website design.

Her campaign website looks extremely engaging with powerful visuals and strong taglines that could engage anyone at the first glance. I am sure that her team spent countless hours creating such an inspirational look for her website.

Kamala Harris is currently a vice president of the United States. So, this website may offer a great presentation of her role and responsibilities.

Her website incorporates a single building block where you can see all the information you want. It comprises different CTAs that can be used smartly and efficiently in no time. Also, the website has social media updates from Kamala. You can check out Facebook and Twitter updates on the websites easily.

The website features the option of “email me” – which looks quite different and helpful. If you have any opinion, you can simply email her directly.

Imran Khan’s Insaf.pk

The next inspiration we have is from the very popular political leader Imran Khan – the ex-prime minister of Pakistan and chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Just look at the website Insaf.pk and you will instantly have ideas about what a great political website should look like. The website is completely free from jargon, extra show-off, and other unnecessary details.

The most attractive element of the website is its color theme. They have used the green and red colors on the entire website that represent his party. The website is very simple. It features donation details at the top and the latest news section below donations.

But there is one thing that makes it unique from other websites. When you will scroll through the bottom section or footer of the website, you will find different “wings” designed for each department. For example, there is a separate wing for labor, a wing for youth, a wing for women, a wing for students, and almost everyone who wants to participate or contribute to the progress of the country.

You can even learn the anti-corruption policies, economic policies, education policies, health policies, and others. This means the website features a lot of information for visitors – which makes it extra helpful for people.

Elizabeth Warren’s Website

Now let’s talk about another political leader’s website which also looks very good and inspirational for new politicians.

Elizabeth Warren’s website garnered a great degree of attention from tons of potential voters. Her website features a very powerful tagline at the top which immediately grabs users’ attention and makes them scroll even more.

It boasts more than 1.3 unique visitors, which is a number every large campaign website will be proud to have. The best point is, that the website is on point. It is free from extra details and jargon. It features everything that Elizabeth stands for and does for her country.

Well, the only downside of the website is, the speed score – which is not fast but still becoming a huge success for Elizabeth. You will see that the platform invites people to add donations as well as start contributing to the campaign.

Sadiq Khan – standing up for London!

Who doesn’t know about Sadiq Khan? He is a famous Muslim- British politician and currently serving as the mayor of London.

His website “Sadiq.London” is simple and pretty straightforward. At the forefront, you will find the cover photo of the mayor with general audiences who support and appreciates the effort of their mayor.

After that section, you will find a quote, particularly by Sadiq Khan and then later on you will see a list of his contributions as mayor of the country.

In the end, you can also check out the social media feeds which further tell you about what he is currently up to.


Having a great political website design is not an option today, but an important need that cannot be ignored. If you don’t have a website, you are probably missing out on large audiences who can support you in every step of life.

Above are the best political websites that can be used as an inspiration for all. If you are a politician and want the same for your party too, then it’s time to consult with the best political website development agency that can help create an amazing website where you can showcase how much capable you are.

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